Adult Literacy Training Programs

The Center for Community Partnerships' Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning (WELL) program offers three distinct educational services.

Adult Education Programs

WELL’s adult basic education program is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Adult Education. The program provides a full range of instructional services that prepare students in Pennsylvania with the basic skills necessary to find and keep family-sustaining employment or to fully participate in the education of their children. The adult basic education services focus on English as a second language, as well as pre-GED and GED test training.

Students in the adult basic education program receive instruction in math, reading and writing at grade-level equivalents up to eighth grade. Pre-GED services are for grade-level equivalents from ninth to tenth grade, GED services are for grade level equivalents from tenth grade and above, and classes focused on English as a second language are for high-intermediate and advanced learners.

Bridge to Post-Secondary Education

The GED tests serve as a gateway for many people, whether they are seeking employment or transitioning to post-secondary education. To help form their pathway, adult literacy students must learn new skills.

Adults moving from adult basic education programs to higher education often face challenges during this transition. Many may require guidance with improving academic skills, developing their study and time management skills, and navigating enrollment and financial aid systems, among others.

Temple's WELL program actively assists adult learners in their transition to post-secondary education by providing the following opportunities and workshops to help participants develop the following specific skill sets.

  • Auditing or sitting in on undergraduate courses at Temple University
  • Completing college admissions applications and essays
  • Completing financial aid forms
  • Declaring a major and career exploration.Enhancing critical thinking and college-level writing skills
  • Stress and time management skills
  • Reading textbook materials
  • Stress and time management skills
  • Studying and test-taking skills

Academic Center for Instructional Support and Technology

WELL students can participate in distance learning through the Academic Center for Instructional Support and Technology. Students have opportunities to engage in distance learning classes tailored for adult learners who wish to prepare for GED tests and develop math, reading and writing skills, as well as workplace skills.

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