Employment Connections for Opportunity Youth

Temple’s Employment Connections for Opportunity Youth program serves students who are between 17 to 21 years old and who have aged or are currently aging out of foster care. Young adults who have dropped out of school, are current seniors in high school, or graduated with their diploma or GED are eligible for this program. Sponsored in part by Philadelphia Works, Inc., the Employment Connections for Opportunity Youth program provides a comprehensive approach to college and career connectedness, including opportunities to explore career options and exposure to career or college pathways.

Participants have access to the following support services.

  • Academic support
  • Assistance with high school equivalency certification (General Education Development or High School Equivalency Test exams)
  • Career coaching
  • Career exploration workshops
  • College tours and cultural awareness trips
  • Education and career development
  • Information technology and customer service certifications
  • Paid work experience
  • Post-secondary tuition and book assistance
  • Referral to advance skills training programs
  • Technology certification
  • Transportation assistance
  • Work and school clothing/uniforms

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